About Me

First, thank you for stopping by to view my blog and to learn more about me.  I pray that God will place it on your heart to be a consistent reader and that He will use this blog to bless you in unimaginable ways!  He has an amazing plan for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11).  We are partners with God.  Our job is to receive His promises by faith and cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He guides us into a deeper relationship with Him.


About me … truth be told, I am nothing special in the human realm.  In fact, I am just plain ordinary and absolutely nothing without God.  I have many flaws and make just as many mistakes in my daily life as any other person.  There are days I would even consider myself a walking disaster.  God has gifted me with the ability to express myself through written word.  Until very recently, I was not courageous enough to embrace God’s gift and share it with the world.   Putting oneself out there for others to judge is scary business!  I have made a promise to God, however, and I intend to keep it. If I have even one ounce of talent, I want to use it to honor Him despite the fear, the challenges, or the possible rejection.

I  have no formal seminary training.  Rather, I am attending the “school of the Holy Spirit.”  I have been a Christian most of my life.  Like many others, I have experienced in my lifetime periods where I am on fire for Jesus and periods where others might think I had forgotten my Christianity.   Happily, I am now a fervent student of His Word.  God has given me an abiding passion for inspiring deeper living in myself and others.

Following law school, and for more than a decade, I served the public as a criminal prosecutor in Florida.  Quite unexpectedly, my husband was offered a wonderful job in Georgia.  After prayerful consideration, he accepted the position.  Leaving my family, friends, and profession behind, we took a step of faith and moved.  You see, I now believe God was opening new doors for me.  A year and a half prior to our moving to Georgia, my whole world was shattered and I was completely broken.  Cancer had stolen my precious mom.  Things that were once so important, like my career and standing in the community, no longer mattered.  I wanted desperately to do work for God’s Kingdom.  I did not want to get to Heaven empty handed.  So, here I am … stepping out in faith and offering my whole heart for God’s use.

I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to acknowledge the most important people in my life.  God has certainly blessed me with wonderful family and friends!  I am honored to be the wife of a wonderful, supportive husband.  Without his consistent love, encouragement, and support, I would not have the courage to stand “naked” before you.  I am the proud and humbled  daughter of amazing, Christian parents.  They were both excellent examples in unshakable love, faith, and commitment.  It is because of them that I work hard in my pursuits.  I am the little sister of an incredibly smart, charming, and supportive brother.  I can always count on him to ground and uplift me.  Finally, I am blessed to call so many wonderful people my friend.  They all continue to inspire and encourage me.

God Bless!

Kelli Mills

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